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Maintaining Safeguarding Awareness: Online Safety and Communication with our younger members.

As you may be aware, we recently reviewed all our policies in line with Snowsport England guidelines. Our continued compliance with Snowsport England requires maintaining Safeguarding awareness in the club. To do this we will send regular blogs.

In this blog we would like to provide an overview of the Online Safety and Communication with our younger members.

How we will keep our younger members safe.

All adults within the club, including instructors, coaches, volunteers and adult members

  • will communicate through parents, not directly with children.

  • must not communicate with children via personal accounts or private messages.

  • must not 'friend' or 'follow' children from personal accounts on social-media.

  • must not direct message children, without prior approval from the parent.

Where it is necessary for children to communicate on club business, e.g. club captains, or youth committee

  • parents and one of the Club Welfare Officers will also be included in the conversation.

All our Policies, including the Online Safety and Communication policy can be found on the Sharks website: safeguarding | Sharks Ski Club.

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