Fun Races

Hi Sharks
Two upcoming fun slalom races to announce:

The final meeting in Pendle’s Winter Race League is Saturday 3rd March. Please register your interest with me now as I’ll be submitting the teams Thursday 1st March.

This is a fun Slalom event traditionally well represented by ‘Sharks’. The order of the day will be team relay and is open to all ages and abilities from the Under Sixes to the Over Sixties!
This really is a fun morning of tag slalom racing which evokes a fantastic team spirit and is a great introduction to racing without the normal race day pressures of the more formal events. Expect lots of action, you won’t be stood around for long, and we’re finished by lunch time!
Aim to be there for 8:00 to 8:15am if you want to get in a few invaluable practice runs prior to events starting 8:45 to 9:00am.
The entry fee is only £10 plus £3 for kit hire if required. Should you need more information please e-mail me: or text/message me on 07774 845 444 (under 18’s please copy in a parent/guardian


The first of Festival Park Ski Clubs Summer Race League kicks off on Saturday 10thMarch. Either pre-register or enter on the day but do remember to e-mail your intent to – all the registration details are shown within the Race Poster. Feel free to keep me in the loop so I have an idea of who is attending.

The format will be two individual timed runs through a slalom course to determine how you stand within your age group on the day. You’d then be placed into groups of four according to your quickest timed run for the second session of the day, dual slalom head to head races – very exciting and great fun!

The event is open to all ages and abilities, they’re fun, they’re not pressured, you’d be amongst friends and I’d love as many of you as possible to attend, you wouldn’t regret it – ask around!

As always, should you need more information please e-mail me: or text/message me on 07774 845 444 (under 18’s please copy in a parent/guardian).

appy Skiing!
Paul Smith
Race Team Manager


Cancelled 17th February

Dear All,

as the more observant among you will have noticed, we are in the middle of the Winter Olympics.

You may also be aware that 4 Sharks athletes are competing in the Games this year.

This Saturday Katie Summerhayes will be competing in the Slopestyle Competition (heats at 1am, and final starting at 4am).

We are all so proud of our amazing athletes that we are going to pull an all-nighter in our desperation to shout at our TVs in the early hours in support.

As a result we have decided to cancel this Saturday’s session, but should be back to normal the week after.

Good Luck Katie

Sharks Holiday 2019

I know that it is only October 2017, and we have not yet had our 2018 holiday in Champoluc, Italy, BUT – I am already planning our Sharks 2019 Ski holiday. Details as follows: –

Date – 16th – 23rd February 2019

Venue – Falken Hotel, Wengen, Switzerland (The ‘spiritual home’ of Sharks)

Cost – I am unable to give you this yet but I will give you an approximate price when we have an idea of how many intend to go.

Now it is a ‘save the date’ but please let me know if you think you may be going, as it will give us an idea of how many beds we need to reserve in the hotel. Please email me –

We are aware that North Yorkshire are not on half term holiday on this date, but sadly we have had to go with most of Authorities. Easter unfortunately falls on the 20th April, far too late for skiing. Sheffield and Leeds school Easter holiday are 31st March, but no other Authorities are.

Please let me know. Molly


Nick Hill

Always try to be on time but was very late to finally start skiing. After a childhood of watching Ski Sunday my first go on planks was in my mid 40s when as a family we were able to give Tom and Molly the opportunity to ski that we never had as children.  Professional designer and photographer who likes to do things right. Passed Cycling Proficiency first time and like riding bikes, preferably up mountains! Mainly so I can go fast down the other side!

Nicky Parr

I didn’t start skiing until I was an adult, after a spectacularly failed attempt by Cam to make me a snowboarder – now both kids are much better skiers than I will ever be.
Professionally I have worked at BT and Openreach for 20 years, and am a qualified CIMA accountant. Currently Head of Finance supporting a business with more than 12k of engineers who connect and maintain the UKs phone and broadband services.
Life outside work seems to mainly be spent taxiing my 2 children to various activities! I am also a Board Member of a School Academy Trust and teach piano. Any spare time is enjoyed on holidays with the family.

Lucy Ridgeway

Membership Secretary

As a secondary school teacher, I am certainly not frightened of a challenge. It was through school in 2014 I had my first experience of skiing. I started with a very brief introduction on the dry ski slope and had to progress quickly to the mountains in Italy where I had a ‘crash’ course in skiing. From that point, I joined Sharks and my ski technique has been continually improving along with my social life!

Barry (Sugar Boy) Drummond

Vice Chair

I’m an ex rugby player and motorcycle racer and discovered skiing fairly late but am now a big enthusiast. I often represent Sharks in the various fun race leagues and am hoping to start my journey towards instructor shortly.