Wengen Holiday Update

Hi all you Wengenistas,

We’ve heard quite of you are going to be in the same place at the same time ?!? 🤣🙈👍⛷

When this sort of ‘coincidence’ has arisen before quite a few of us have made the most of this and has a bit of fun. So let’s see if we can continue the tradition and make an impression between us!! If you hadn’t already guessed Sharks peeps ‘randomly’ converging on Wengen = comedy reputation!!

Some of us have decided to do a few things you ‘may’ like to join in with 😂🤣.

Just to paint the picture we’re going to have a fancy dress day on the slopes (weather permitting!!). Superheroes are a huge hit on the slopes, but equally if you’d prefer to dressed as an animal, alien, inflatable ballerina or just don some garish retro gear it’s all actively encouraged!! Feel free to wear it whenever though if you want!!

One evening we’d like to do a ‘strictly some/dum dancing’ evening. We’ve judges lined up and a host with most so all we need now is a few couples ready to strut their stuff and impress (or depress!!). Whether it’s a tango, foxtrot, Charleston, American rough or smooth we don’t care just get yourself a partner preparish for the big night and who knows you could be walking off with the Litter Ball!! 🕺🏻🍾

Finally on the Thursday night, to celebrate the fact that Sharks is 30 years old, Especially for You we’re proposing a fancy dress evening with ‘89’ as the theme and we’d just love you to join us!!! It’s up to you what you wear but as always we’re sure there’ll be an imaginative, creative & hilarious response!! Promises to be a pearler!!

You’ve 3 weeks to gear up !! If you’re struggling for ideas or not sure on anything feel free to ask anyone on the committee or anyone who’s been on this sort of thing before – Be assured making a fool of yourself is positively encouraged, many of us are experts at it!!

Have fun these photos will give you an idea of the sort of thing that would be great to see!!

Keep on skiing!! ⛷🦈😂😳🤣

Sharks Ski Club Chairman