Tim Justice

UK Snowsports Level 2 Instructor

BA (hons). Dip Arch. PGCE. Dip Arch Prac.

10m swimming and the one you get when you inflate your nylon pyjama bottoms.

Cycling Proficiency.

–          Achievements

Won a few frostbite, Stoke, Pendle, Rossendale & Yorkshire Champ medals, and came joint 3rd in the O19’s female category at The Stomp. Highlight though has to be Miss Wengen 2006.

–          When did you first ski?

Summer 2004 – SSV.

–          When did you start instructing?

Spring 2006

–          On or Off Piste?

On the.

–          Snow dome or plastic?


–          Current equipment, skis and boots

Dynastar WC Skis, Dalbello Viper boots.

–          Kit wish list (what skis do you like the look of etc)?

Anything understated & not too bright.

–          Favourite ski location/resort

Wengen but I’ve not really been to that many!

–          Favourite Ski run


–          Ski Hero

Too many Sharks to mention but Genevieve if I have to choose as I’d never have even thought about skiing if it wasn’t for her!! But then there’s Molly & Norman too!! Oh and Dave Englert merely for his attire!!

–          One last run before you die?

London Marathon – oh you mean ski one? I’d like to do the Inferno.

–          Favourite food

Cherry Lips

–          Personal Statement

That’s my business, keep your nose out!!

–          Favourite musician / group / band

Do I really have to choose?!! Can’t decide between the Smiths & the

Waterboys if I’m only allowed one…. but then there’s the Cocteau Twins, Jane’s Addiction, Pixies, Wonderstuff, Taling Heads, Blue Nile, Joy Division, Human League, Heaven 17, Pistols, The Fall, Bowie, Beautiful South, PWEI, Artic Monkeys etc, etc, etc …. Sade, Dionne Warwick & Aqua