Summer Races Information

Hi Sharks

A couple of upcoming Race Events that you may be interested in are as follows:


The next date for Festival Park Ski Clubs Summer Race League is Saturday 16th June. Either pre-register or enter on the day but do remember to e-mail your intent to – all the registration details are shown within the Race Poster. Feel free to keep me in the loop so I have an idea of who is attending.

The format will be two individual timed runs through a slalom course to determine how you stand within your age group on the day. You’d then be placed into groups of four according to your quickest timed run for the second session of the day, dual slalom head to head races – very exciting and great fun!

The event is open to all ages and abilities, they’re fun, they’re not pressured and you’d be amongst friends.


Rossendale have just released their Summer Race League dates – Sundays 15th July, 19th August and 23rdSeptember.

The race format is the same as Stokes but you will need to register through me rather than directly with the club. So if you’d like to register for Rossendale or if you’re new to dry slope slalom racing and you need more information please e-mail or text/message me on: 07774 845 444 (under 18’s please copy in a parent/guardian).