Star Awards

At Sharks we promote progression of skiing ability through the Star Awards

The requirements for each level are shown below

BLUE ZONE 2- STAR – Whales

    • In a plough position link turns to left and right
    • Link turns left and right of equal radius
    • Follow track of the Instructor – keeping same distance all the time.
    • In pairs – follow my leader – ie turning where the leader turns.
    • Make emergency stop in plough position
    • Ski Safety Awareness eg. Parking at side of slope; Looking up slope before setting off. Etc..

BLUE ZONE 3 – STAR – Tigers

    • Big turns using full width of slope (Turn – Traverse – Turn)
    • As above – skis coming together on traverse, moving into plough to make turn. Left and Right. (Plough Swing)
    • Complete short slalom course
    • Follow Instructor varying speed and turn radius.
    • Ski over bumps absorbing them. (Flex and Extend)
    • Ski Safety Awareness – put ski on after fall ON slope.

RED ZONE 4 – STAR – Swordfish

    • Balance drills whilst traversing – eg lift upper ski
    • Emergency stop when instructed
    • Ski from top, starting in narrow plough – finish at bottom with skis near basic parallel – i.e. ‘The Funnel’
    • In pairs, follow leader varying speed and turn radius.
    • Write letter ‘S’ in snow with skis whilst skiing.
    • Go over small jump taking little air, flexing legs on landing.

RED ZONE 5- STAR – Swordfish

– MUST obtain before moving to Porbeagles

    • Long radius turns showing flexing and extending
    • 8 Linked ‘S’ shaped turns in given corridor
    • ‘J’ Turn to left and right. (Falling Leaf)
    • Establish ‘Home Base’ position.
    • Shorter radius linked turns and appropriate posture to cope with speed.

RED ZONE 6 – STAR – Porbeagles

    • Various radius turns using appropriate posture to enable pole planting
    • CARVED ‘J’ turns with pole plant to left and right.
    • ‘J’ Turn with hockey stop to left and right.
    • Initiate turn with pole plant and simultaneous small jump to left and right.

BLACK ZONE 7 STAR – Hammerheads

    • Long radius turns; press against inside edge of uphill ski BEFORE fall line and hold until finish of turn.
    • Ski narrow corridor varying speed and pole plant
    • Demonstrate pole plant in moguls.
    • Complete slalom course
    • Short radius turns with pole plant.

BLACK ZONE 8 & 9 STAR – Smooth-hounds & Galapagos

  • The coaching content will include drills and exercises to cover the content as required by the Snow Life Ski Award booklet.
  • These 2 awards can only be assessed on snow in a mountain environment. Eg. Alps, Scotland resorts.