Saturday 4th February

There is lots going on at Sharks Ski Club this Saturday…

Will You be skiing with us at Castleford, or entering the slalom races at Pendle…?
Details of booking for these sessions below.


Don’t forget that the new session payment system starts this week

From This Saturday, you will no longer be able to obtain your SnoZone slope pass directly from us at Sharks Ski Club.

You will need to pay for your pass at the SnoZone front desk.

We anticipate that for the first few weeks there will be long queues at the check in desk, as skiers will need to be registered on SnoZone’s system.  If you haven’t already done so, then please fill in the registration form for each member of the family that intends to ski.
You can download the Form HERE

Please fill in the Form and return it to the SnoZone Front Desk (not to us…)

It is important that you continue to register your intent to ski each week, by logging onto our website here….
This allows us time to organise instructors for each group, and make the session run more efficiently.

Another important change is the need to reintroduce Subs, for those members skiing with Sharks.
For this reason we plan to start charging £2 per session per skier.
Please pay this directly to Sharks at our usual meeting point before going on the slope.

For Clarity, the new process is summarised below…

  1. Download, complete and Return SnoZone form
  2. Register Your Intent to Ski on the Sharks Website 
  3. Arrive In Plenty of Time Saturday Morning
  4. Buy Slope Pass from SnoZone front desk.
    Ask for A Sharks Pass which should be £25.59 or £29.59
  5. Pay Subscriptions to Sharks Ski Club
  6. Collect any hire Ski’s, Boots, Helmets etc
  7. Be Ready to Ski for 9am prompt.
  8. Have a great time skiing with Sharks



A fun Slalom event traditionally well represented by ‘Sharks’.

A great team relay event open to all ages and abilities from the Under Sixes to the Under Seventies!

This really is a fun morning of tag slalom racing which evokes a fantastic team spirit and is a great introduction to racing without the normal race day pressures of the more formal events.  Expect lots of action, you won’t be stood around for long, and we’re finished by lunch time!

Please confirm your interest with me as soon as possible so that I can put the teams together, they have to be in for Thursday evening. Should you need more information please e-mail Paul Smith or text/message him on 07774 845 444 (under 18’s please copy in a parent/guardian).
Hope to see you at one of our sessions on Saturday,


Sharks Ski Club Secretary