Fun Races

Hi Sharks
Two upcoming fun slalom races to announce:

The final meeting in Pendle’s Winter Race League is Saturday 3rd March. Please register your interest with me now as I’ll be submitting the teams Thursday 1st March.

This is a fun Slalom event traditionally well represented by ‘Sharks’. The order of the day will be team relay and is open to all ages and abilities from the Under Sixes to the Over Sixties!
This really is a fun morning of tag slalom racing which evokes a fantastic team spirit and is a great introduction to racing without the normal race day pressures of the more formal events. Expect lots of action, you won’t be stood around for long, and we’re finished by lunch time!
Aim to be there for 8:00 to 8:15am if you want to get in a few invaluable practice runs prior to events starting 8:45 to 9:00am.
The entry fee is only £10 plus £3 for kit hire if required. Should you need more information please e-mail me: or text/message me on 07774 845 444 (under 18’s please copy in a parent/guardian


The first of Festival Park Ski Clubs Summer Race League kicks off on Saturday 10thMarch. Either pre-register or enter on the day but do remember to e-mail your intent to – all the registration details are shown within the Race Poster. Feel free to keep me in the loop so I have an idea of who is attending.

The format will be two individual timed runs through a slalom course to determine how you stand within your age group on the day. You’d then be placed into groups of four according to your quickest timed run for the second session of the day, dual slalom head to head races – very exciting and great fun!

The event is open to all ages and abilities, they’re fun, they’re not pressured, you’d be amongst friends and I’d love as many of you as possible to attend, you wouldn’t regret it – ask around!

As always, should you need more information please e-mail me: or text/message me on 07774 845 444 (under 18’s please copy in a parent/guardian).

appy Skiing!
Paul Smith
Race Team Manager