Club Welfare Officers

Julie and Carl can be contacted at any time via telephone or email and we are often available for a chat at the Sharks session on a Saturday morning.

  • Overview of our role:

o   ·  1st point of contact if anyone has any concerns re safeguarding – parent, child, instructor, committee member etc

o   ·  1st point of contact for SSE’s safeguarding lead, Bridget Owen

o   ·  To have procedures in place to deal with any concerns

o   ·  We have a place on the committee and report to meetings as appropriate, and advise the committee re safeguarding, policies etc

o   ·  To promote good safeguarding practices throughout the club

  • ·  To ensure all policies and procedures are in place, adhered to, including SSE’s snowsafe policy
  • ·  To follow the recruitment policy and procedures for all new volunteers
  • ·  To have written codes of conduct for: parents and carers, young people, instructors, volunteers


Julie Slater

Carl Carter

                      Tel:     07918603142 Tel:  07921 224750


Please contact us if you would like to talk or if you have any concerns

Julie Slater and Carl Carter

Club Welfare Officers


More Information on our Club Polices and Procedures Can be found here…..