Tim Justice

UK Snowsports Level 2 Instructor

BA (hons). Dip Arch. PGCE. Dip Arch Prac.

10m swimming and the one you get when you inflate your nylon pyjama bottoms.

Cycling Proficiency.

–          Achievements

Won a few frostbite, Stoke, Pendle, Rossendale & Yorkshire Champ medals, and came joint 3rd in the O19’s female category at The Stomp. Highlight though has to be Miss Wengen 2006.

–          When did you first ski?

Summer 2004 – SSV.

–          When did you start instructing?

Spring 2006

–          On or Off Piste?

On the.

–          Snow dome or plastic?


–          Current equipment, skis and boots

Dynastar WC Skis, Dalbello Viper boots.

–          Kit wish list (what skis do you like the look of etc)?

Anything understated & not too bright.

–          Favourite ski location/resort

Wengen but I’ve not really been to that many!

–          Favourite Ski run


–          Ski Hero

Too many Sharks to mention but Genevieve if I have to choose as I’d never have even thought about skiing if it wasn’t for her!! But then there’s Molly & Norman too!! Oh and Dave Englert merely for his attire!!

–          One last run before you die?

London Marathon – oh you mean ski one? I’d like to do the Inferno.

–          Favourite food

Cherry Lips

–          Personal Statement

That’s my business, keep your nose out!!

–          Favourite musician / group / band

Do I really have to choose?!! Can’t decide between the Smiths & the

Waterboys if I’m only allowed one…. but then there’s the Cocteau Twins, Jane’s Addiction, Pixies, Wonderstuff, Taling Heads, Blue Nile, Joy Division, Human League, Heaven 17, Pistols, The Fall, Bowie, Beautiful South, PWEI, Artic Monkeys etc, etc, etc …. Sade, Dionne Warwick & Aqua

Loretta Marsh

I’m BASI2 qualified so as well as volunteering most Saturday mornings, I’m also part of the Sharks international instructor team. I’m also lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks a year working for the Ski2 ski school in Italy. I first skied aged 15 on a school trip, but have done 75% of all my skiing ever in the last 6 years – since I joined Sharks Ski Club with my 2 girls.  I started instructing after Norman invited me to do the SSE level 1 course in 2011. Like many people, I’m most at home on piste and love skiing like a hooligan on a quiet red run, but skiing off piste is great fun, so for me it depends on the conditions of the day as to which I prefer.   I currently ski on some Salomon Rockette 90’s.  They’re all mountain skis so help me out in most conditions pretty well.  However, I’ve got my eye on some Head Magnums or Salomon X Drive’s as I need to push my performance on piste to get good enough to attempt my BASI3.  My favourite ski resort is Champoluc in Italy – Dave and I got married there in 2010, so it has some special memories as well as some great skiing and empty pistes.  (Shhh, don’t tell everyone!)

Nabeel Nasser

I started my passion for skiing after joining the sharks when our home was back at the village in Sheffield. I joined with a few of my children and we’re currently trying to get another one involved but he’s more interested in climbing trees than skiing down a hill. I’m a level 1 instructor both SSE and BASI as well as holding a coaching qualification.  I’m also an instructor at snozone so I’m usually around at weekends. If you’re thinking of joining then go for it as it’ll be the best thing you do!

Frank Reardon

Qualifications- UKCP level 2 coach
                     – SSE level 2 instructor
Achievements- Selected for the England Alpine Squad 1995/96 season.
Got 70mph on Ski Tracks app!
First Skied- 1980
Started instructing- 2002. Sharks race training at The Ski Village.
On or off piste?- Off piste in powder, otherwise I like laying arches on piste.
Current equipment- race department Nordica Dobermann boots and Dynastar Omeglass skis
Kit wish list- some new Dynastar Omeglass!
Favourite resort- Chamonix
Favourite ski run- The Goat at Champoluc
Ski hero- Glen Plake
Last run before I die- main slope at Swadlincote Ski Centre
Favourite Food- curry (chicken madras)
Favourite band- The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Nirvana…
Personal statement- Although I come from a racing background, I have a great deal of respect for all disciplines of skiing. Great skiers don’t pigeonhole themselves. The best skiers though, are those that enjoy their skiing and, for me, it is those people that make instructing/coaching worth while.

Helen Reardon

Alpine Level 2 Instructor.

–          Achievements – No notable awards but I have broken my thumbs three times on various dry slopes trying to get some notable ones. I have also worked at the British Ski Academy in Chamonix as ‘House mum’!

–          When did you first ski? 1990 at Reberty in the French Alps with my family.

–          When did you start instructing? 2004 with Sharks Ski Club at Sheffield Ski Village

–          On or Off Piste? Both, there is nothing quite like a nicely groomed piste to carve up but if there is powder off piste you will most probably find me there.

–          Snow dome or plastic? Plastic fantastic will always have a place in my heart.

–          Favourite ski location/resort Les Grands Montets, Chamonix Valley

–          Favourite Ski run – The Lauberhorn, Wengen

–          Ski Heroine – Mikaela Shiffrin

–          One last run before you die? It would probably take a miracle but I would love to ski down Sheffield Ski Village again.

–          –          Personal Statement. I was lucky enough to be taken on a ski holiday with my parents (thanks Mum and Dad) when I was nine years old and was bitten by the ski bug. A few years later I joined the snowsports club at the University of Manchester (SKUM) where I was introduced to the plastic slopes and got into racing. I became club chairperson and spent a lot of time taking student groups to Sheffield Ski Village, Rossendale and the perhaps less glamorous French Alps to either race or try out skiing for the first time. Shortly afterwards some guy called Frank introduced me to the best ski club in the world – Sharks!! I feel very lucky to be a part of Sharks, it caters for everyone and provides excellent opportunities to progress. I have the privilege of instructing some fantastic skiers and love to see them grow in both confidence and ability.

Craig Rogerson

BASI Level 2 Instructor

SSE Level 2 Instructor

SSE Moguls Coach

– Achievements

Managing to negotiate a couple of weeks a year away from home every year to instruct in the alps!

– When did you first ski?

I was a late starter. I first clipped in at the age of 24 after being pestered to give skiing a try by Maestro Garnett.

– When did you start instructing?

2001 on plastic at SSV.

– On or Off Piste?


– Snow dome or plastic?

Snow dome

– Current equipment, skis and boots

Skis: Rossingnol Experience 88s and Head i-Magnum Supershape

Ski Boots: Salamon 120 Xmax

– Kit wish list (what skis do you like the look of etc)?

Recently technically refreshed!

– Favourite ski location/resort

A close one between Val d’Isere/Tignes for the vast and varied ski area and Courmayeur for its charm and Bar Roma! The best bar in the alps.

– Favourite Ski run

“Competitione” Courmayeur. A long, long unpisted red run with waste/chest high bumps from top to bottom. Awesome!

– Ski Heros

All the Sharks that have progressed from plastic to podium.

– One last run before you die?

See favourite ski run.

– Favourite food

Home Made Curry

– Personal Statement

Go as far as you can see; when you get there you’ll be able to see farther.

– Favourite musician / group / band

Courteeners, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Blossoms, Miles Kane and lots of 90s indie stuff

Maria Ryan

I have been coming to Sharks since March 2013 – so not long ! I started skiing when I was four, but since starting at Sharks my skiing has improved immeasurably and I am now training to be a ski instructor myself. I love coming on Saturday mornings because we have such a good laugh and I always feel like I learn something. Sometimes I even get up at 6am to get the train there! I have been club captain since February and have really enjoyed it so far. I think it’s amazing how my family and I have been welcomed in to Sharks and hope to make other new families feel as included as we do.

James Slater

I’m a UKSS 2 and IASI 2 ski instructor.

I learned to ski at Sharks way back in 2004 and I’ve been at the club ever since. My fondest memories include competing in the Frostbite and Rossendale Race Series as well as making a fool of myself in fancy dress on the club holidays. 

I’m a past Club Captain and a reasonably young instructor compared to some of our more “seasoned” instructors – though I won’t mention any names (Norman, Molly, Cliff) so I remember what it’s like when you first join this great club. Any questions, please feel free to ask!