Cameron Parr

Alpine Level 1 Coach and Committee member. I started snowboarding in the late 80’s at Glenshee and only started skiing after taking my kids to Sharks in 2011.  I  converted to skiing after trying to keep up with the kids, but i’m not sure I will ever catch them.  I am a licenced FA coach and referee. I convinced Sharks members to complete Movember 2020 with a tashtastic  effort for a great charity.

Kim O’Hara

Child Welfare Officer:  I first started skiing as an adult.  My husband, John, always loved skiing and longed to get back onto the slopes.  He persuaded me to go skiing when the kids were young on the promise that if I didn’t like it then I wasn’t going again.  Well, the kids and I loved it, skiing through the mountains on a beautiful sunny day and we were hooked.  We joined Sharks in 2017 and found a friendly, welcoming and encouraging club.  We attend Sharks regularly and I can be found operating the lift at Swadlincote some rain or shine.  As one of the Child Welfare Officers I am always available for a chat.

Meg and Fin

Club Captains:

Meg – I have been skiing for around 9 years and have such a strong love for it. Throughout my time skiing, I have been a part of the snow sport England moguls academy, and taken part in multiple races. I also really enjoy instructing and I hope to pass on my enthusiasm for the sport to younger members of the club! 

Fin – I joined sharks in 2011 at Sheffield ski village before it was burnt down and throughout my journey I have competed with the race team and also been apart of the snow sport England mogul academy.

Grace Slater

I started skiing when I was around 4 years old, and I have been a Shark for as long as I can remember. I worked my way up through the groups and was club captain for 3 years, and then I qualified as an instructor when I was 16. I am currently a level 1 SSE instructor, but I am working towards further qualifications and I’m excited to one day gain my qualification to teach abroad. 

From a young age I have loved racing, and I was lucky enough to have parents that would travel around the country with me to allow me to take part in different race series. This is a love that I have taken with me to university, and I currently race with my university ski team. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to discover what a wonderful sport skiing is, and this is something that I love to pass on to others

Andy Cresswell

Club Secretary

Not been skiing for long but hooked.

After a year in the cafe watching Dylan ski with the Sharks, I decided to try the level 1 instructors course so I could help out if needed and hopefully gain a few skills to enable me to keep up on the slopes.

The keeping up hasn’t worked but learning a lot and having fun anyway!

I spend the week in front of a screen looking after IT contracts and challenges, with a snow capped mountain image on my desktop to keep me going until the next ski adventure.