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Welcome to the Sharks Ski Club

The club was formed in 1989 by parents whose children skied regularly at Sheffield Ski Village.

The club is run on a voluntary basis by an elected committee.

We are very proud of what we achieve, and became national “Sports Club of the Year” in 2004.

We are affiliated to SnowSport England and have Snowmark Accreditation.

Sharks Groups

For the main Saturday ski sessions, Sharks members are divided into groups according to ability.

As skiing ability improves, skiers progress upwards through the groups.

The names we give the groups are nothing mysterious – they are just different species of Shark.

When possible, we try to keep the same instructors for each group every week.

WhalesSnowplough Turns Basic – New to main slope
TigersSnowplough Turns – With confidence and more speed
SwordfishPlough swings – Basic parallel
PorbeaglesParallel Turns
HammerheadsCarved Turns
SmoothhoundsAdaptable over varied terrain
GalapagosConfident Advanced Skiers in all terrain
WobbegongsExpert All-mountain Skiers
Prickly DogfishAdult Snowplough Turning
Basking SharksAdult Intermediate

Club Captains

Club Captains – Meg and Fin Parr

At Sharks we promote progression of skiing ability through the BASI Snowlife Award Scheme

The requirements for each level are shown below

BLUE ZONE 2- STAR – Whales

  • In a plough position link turns to left and right
  • Link turns left and right of equal radius
  • Follow track of the Instructor – keeping same distance all the time.
  • In pairs – follow my leader – ie turning where the leader turns.
  • Make emergency stop in plough position
  • Ski Safety Awareness eg. Parking at side of slope; Looking up slope before setting off. Etc..

BLUE ZONE 3 – STAR – Tigers

  • Big turns using full width of slope (Turn – Traverse – Turn)
  • As above – skis coming together on traverse, moving into plough to make turn. Left and Right. (Plough Swing)
  • Complete short slalom course
  • Follow Instructor varying speed and turn radius.
  • Ski over bumps absorbing them. (Flex and Extend)
  • Ski Safety Awareness – put ski on after fall ON slope.

RED ZONE 4 – STAR – Swordfish

  • Balance drills whilst traversing – eg lift upper ski
  • Emergency stop when instructed
  • Ski from top, starting in narrow plough – finish at bottom with skis near basic parallel – i.e. ‘The Funnel’
  • In pairs, follow leader varying speed and turn radius.
  • Write letter ‘S’ in snow with skis whilst skiing.
  • Go over small jump taking little air, flexing legs on landing.

RED ZONE 5- STAR – Swordfish

– MUST obtain before moving to Porbeagles

  • Long radius turns showing flexing and extending
  • 8 Linked ‘S’ shaped turns in given corridor
  • ‘J’ Turn to left and right. (Falling Leaf)
  • Establish ‘Home Base’ position.
  • Shorter radius linked turns and appropriate posture to cope with speed.

RED ZONE 6 – STAR – Porbeagles

  • Various radius turns using appropriate posture to enable pole planting
  • CARVED ‘J’ turns with pole plant to left and right.
  • ‘J’ Turn with hockey stop to left and right.
  • Initiate turn with pole plant and simultaneous small jump to left and right.

BLACK ZONE 7 STAR – Hammerheads

  • Long radius turns; press against inside edge of uphill ski BEFORE fall line and hold until finish of turn.
  • Ski narrow corridor varying speed and pole plant
  • Demonstrate pole plant in moguls.
  • Complete slalom course
  • Short radius turns with pole plant.

BLACK ZONE 8 & 9 STAR – Smooth-hounds & Galapagos

  • The coaching content will include drills and exercises to cover the content as required by the Snow Life Ski Award booklet.
  • These 2 awards can only be assessed on snow in a mountain environment. Eg. Alps, Scotland resorts.

So what happens on a typical Saturday morning?

First of all you need to pay for your ski pass, then collect boots, skis and helmets from the equipment desk if you haven’t got your own. At busy times of the year, this can sometimes take a while – so make sure you arrive in good time.

Next go to the meeting area to join up with the Sharks and pay your subs.

One of the Club Officials or Instructors will be around to help out.

It is essential that all children wear correctly fitted protective helmets whilst skiing.

All groups have 2 hours of instruction. The emphasis is on learning to ski well and safely, whilst having fun. The first hour of instruction will usually focus on specific areas of ski technique, whilst the second hour of instruction tends to be more informal, and may include elements of race training, moguls, or freestyle park and pipe if available.

What else does the club do?

We hold various events throughout the year, aimed at involving as many of you as possible, like Club Fun Day, and the Christmas Party.

We also have a programme of events off the slopes to get parents in on the act as well.

Details will be posted on the Events page and Facebook..


Skiing can be a dangerous sport – as part of their instruction, the children are informed of the dangers – not only to themselves but also to other skiers on the slope.

Whilst we take every effort to ensure the safety of all children, the Sharks Ski Club cannot be held responsible for loss of equipment or injury howsoever caused.

The Sharks Ski Club is run by parents for their kids.
We are always glad of any help we can get so if you want to help out in any way, please talk to one of the team!

Save the Date – Sharks Ski Holiday 2018

Dear Sharks Members, I am sure a many of you were disappointed that we were unable run a holiday in the Alps this year.  The logistics of a late Easter, and variable half term dates unfortunately were too difficult to overcome. Next Year, 2018, we plan to return to Wengen, Switzerland, to the Hotel Falken.  This has been the location of some really memorable Sharks Holidays in the past, although

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Important Information – Saturday Morning Slope Passes

Dear Sharks Members, Please Read the Following Carefully, As It Contains Very Important Information Regarding Upcoming Changes to The Way in Which Slope Passes Will Be Distributed on Saturday Mornings. From Saturday 4th of February, you will no longer be able to obtain your SnoZone slope pass directly from us at Sharks Ski Club. You will need to pay for your pass at the SnoZone front desk.  This is to bring the

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Special Olympics Fund Raising Event

Fun Race PENDLE Saturday 7th January 2017 8.30 – 1.30 approx. Some of you may know David Corr from our regular trips over to Pendle to take part in their winter race league events. Over the last eight years or so, I and others have seen David develop into a wonderful young man who absolutely loves his skiing and who takes great delight in kicking my ass in any of the head-to-head

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Holiday Sessions

Just a quick update about Sharks Sessions over the Holiday Period. Due to reduced opening hours at SnoZone and Instructor Availability over the holiday season, We will NOT be running sessions on Xmas Eve and New Years Eve. Our last session of the year will therefore be this week, Saturday 17th of December. I hope to see as many of you as possible this week. The next session in the

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Sharks Hoodies

We have had quite a few enquires as to whether we will be placing an order for Sharks hoodies in the near future. The hoodies are ordered in bulk in order to keep the cost down, as the cost varies depending on the size of the order.  We are happy to place and order if there is sufficient demand. Here are the options of size / style / hood colour:

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PENDLE WINTER RACE LEAGUE 2016 – 2017 A fun Slalom event traditionally well represented by ‘Sharks’. A great team relay event open to all ages and abilities from the Under Sixes to the Under Seventies! This really is a fun morning of tag slalom racing which evokes a fantastic team spirit and is a great introduction to racing without the normal race day pressures of the more formal events. Expect

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Price Increases

With effect from the 1st of October, 2016, SnoZone have implemented their annual price increas for sessions at Castleford. This means that the price for the Sharks Sessions has also gone up, with immediate effect. Sessions on Saturday morning for 2 hours will now cost £26 for Juniors and £30 for Adults.

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Sharks Merchandise

Good news! Kat and James listened to your comments from the last Club Captain feedback session regarding Sharks merchandise. After talks with the committee, we are excited to reveal the first bit of Sharks branded ski equipment! There will be more to be revealed in the coming weeks.  Grace and Oscar 

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URGENT – Holiday Information

Dear Sharks Members, I had just finished writing a draft of an email in which I was going to explain why we were not able to run a Sharks holiday next year. This was due to lack of available accommodation at a suitable time. However, I have just been informed that we have the opportunity to go back to Hotel Petit Prince in Champoluc, for the week beginning 11th February

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Moguls Session Dates

A few dates to note in your diary… Next Freestyle sessions at Halifax 10.30am for 2 hours at the usual £15 will be on June 19th and July 10th. Martin

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Summer Race Dates

The Summer Race League dates have been released for Festival Park Ski Club, Stoke. This Fun Event is aimed at all ages and abilities of Skier from the ones with little or no experience of competition who want to give slalom racing a go through to established performers wishing to gain competition experience without the ‘normal’ race day pressures. These events are a great fun way of improving your technical skiing whilst

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Moguls Training Dates

The next 2 moguls sessions are on   20th March and 17th April 2016.   Details on the session registration page.    

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