Kat Bandmann

Level 1

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Nick Bishop

I’ve been skiing with Sharks since 1999; initially a helper skidding down the slope after the Whales and Tigers, I got interested in instructing – so now I’m a UK Snowsports/SSE level 3 coach and Alpine Ski Leader; I’ve completed my level 4 technical and I’m compiling my portfolio which should be submitted in early 2015.

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Richard Bryan

I learnt to Ski in 1990 at Sheffield Ski Village, however, did not then ski between 1994 and 2007. I then joined Sharks Ski Club with my 2 Children and with the assistance of the superb coaching/instructor team in 2011 I undertook a Snowsport England Level 1 Course. In 2012 I qualified as a Snowsport Scotland Alpine Ski Leader. I then started to realise my dream and how rewarding the

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Martin Carr

Freestyle Instructor

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Paul Garnett

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Molly Gill

Molly Gill – Sharks Ski Club Co-ordinator I formed the Sharks Ski Club in 1989 at the request of SSV Management. The Club was initially for children age 4 – 18 years only I was employed by Sheffield Education Authority as a Teacher/Youth Worker therefore had contact with all South Yorkshire schools, colleges and youth service. I am a race official and was on ARC (Alpine Race Committee) and helped

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Norman Gill

Level 4 Coach, Level 2 Tutor Head Coach Skiing, the ski environment (be it in the mountains or in a fridge!) and ‘skiing people’ are all a constant source of adventure, excitement, exhilaration, fun and pleasure for me. I believe skiing enables an individual to find that ‘something else’ within themselves that equips them with a set of personal skills for life itself! My first experience on snow was in

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Brian Griffiths

Level 2

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David Henery

level 2

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Alex Houston

Level 1 and Moguls Coach    

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Andy Houston

Level 1

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Shah Hussain

BASI Level 2

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Genevieve Justice

Level 1

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Tim Justice

UK Snowsports Level 2 Instructor BA (hons). Dip Arch. PGCE. Dip Arch Prac. 10m swimming and the one you get when you inflate your nylon pyjama bottoms. Cycling Proficiency. –          Achievements Won a few frostbite, Stoke, Pendle, Rossendale & Yorkshire Champ medals, and came joint 3rd in the O19’s female category at The Stomp. Highlight though has to be Miss Wengen 2006. –          When did you first ski? Summer 2004 – SSV.

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Loretta Marsh

I’m BASI2 qualified so as well as volunteering most Saturday mornings, I’m also part of the Sharks international instructor team. I’m also lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks a year working for the Ski2 ski school in Italy. I first skied aged 15 on a school trip, but have done 75% of all my skiing ever in the last 6 years – since I joined Sharks Ski Club

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Nabeel Nasser

I started my passion for skiing after joining the sharks when our home was back at the village in Sheffield. I joined with a few of my children and we’re currently trying to get another one involved but he’s more interested in climbing trees than skiing down a hill. I’m a level 1 instructor both SSE and BASI as well as holding a coaching qualification.  I’m also an instructor at

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Frank Reardon

Qualifications- UKCP level 2 coach                      – SSE level 2 instructor Achievements- Selected for the England Alpine Squad 1995/96 season. Got 70mph on Ski Tracks app! First Skied- 1980 Started instructing- 2002. Sharks race training at The Ski Village. On or off piste?- Off piste in powder, otherwise I like laying arches on piste. Current equipment- race department Nordica Dobermann boots

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Helen Reardon

Alpine Level 2 Instructor. –          Achievements – No notable awards but I have broken my thumbs three times on various dry slopes trying to get some notable ones. I have also worked at the British Ski Academy in Chamonix as ‘House mum’! –          When did you first ski? 1990 at Reberty in the French Alps with my family. –          When did you start instructing? 2004 with Sharks Ski Club at Sheffield Ski Village

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Craig Rogerson

BASI Level 2 Instructor SSE Level 2 Instructor SSE Moguls Coach – Achievements Managing to negotiate a couple of weeks a year away from home every year to instruct in the alps! – When did you first ski? I was a late starter. I first clipped in at the age of 24 after being pestered to give skiing a try by Maestro Garnett. – When did you start instructing? 2001

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James Slater

Qualifications- SSE level 1 instructor – Achievements- Elected as Club Captain and breaking both arms when trying to stop at the Ski Village! First Skied- 2005 Started instructing- late 2014 On or off piste? – Though I love waist deep powder, there’s nothing better than carving down the piste in the morning on a crisp day with a blue sky! Current equipment- Dynastar Omeglass PRO skis, Salomon boots, Anon Blitz

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Julie Slater

Child Welfare Officer

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Dan Smith

Level 1

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Paul Smith

Level 2 and Race Team Manager and Committee Member

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Carl Carter

Child Welfare Officer

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Cliff Wilson

Level 3 Coach Magnum, P.I. is an American television series starring Cliff Wilson as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator living on Oahu, Hawaii.

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Dave White

SSE Level 3 Development and Moguls Coach, BASI 2. First started skiing age 13 on a school ski trip and was then lucky that my older brother got a job in Switzerland for 5 years so spent the winter holidays in the Swiss alps. I first got involved with Sharks about 13 years ago when my eldest daughter Tori, wanted to carry on skiing after coming back from a family

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Tori White

Level 1

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