This page is dedicated to all our Committee Member Volunteers, and all the hard work that they put in to keep the club running smoothly.

Committee Members

The committee members, elected at the 2018 AGM

Chairman Tim Justice
Vice Chairman Barry Drummond
Secretary Richard Slater
Membership Secretary Lucy Ridgeway
Treasurer Steve Burley
Coaching Development Officer Norman Gill
Skiing Coordinator Molly Gill
Child Welfare Officers Julie Slater
Carl Carter
Race Manager Paul Smith
Committee Member Nicky Parr
Committee Member David Henery
Committee Member Nick Hill
Committee Member Derek Smallwood
Club Captains Grace Slater
Tom Hill

Nick Hill

Always try to be on time but was very late to finally start skiing. After a childhood of watching Ski Sunday my first go on planks was in my mid 40s when as a family we were able to give Tom and Molly the opportunity to ski that we never had as children.  Professional designer and photographer who likes to do things right. Passed Cycling Proficiency first time and like

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Nicky Parr

I didn’t start skiing until I was an adult, after a spectacularly failed attempt by Cam to make me a snowboarder – now both kids are much better skiers than I will ever be. Professionally I have worked at BT and Openreach for 20 years, and am a qualified CIMA accountant. Currently Head of Finance supporting a business with more than 12k of engineers who connect and maintain the UKs

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Grace and Tom

Club Captains Please download our welcome leaflet here SHARKS Welcome Flyer

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Lucy Ridgeway

Membership Secretary As a secondary school teacher, I am certainly not frightened of a challenge. It was through school in 2014 I had my first experience of skiing. I started with a very brief introduction on the dry ski slope and had to progress quickly to the mountains in Italy where I had a ‘crash’ course in skiing. From that point, I joined Sharks and my ski technique has been

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Barry (Sugar Boy) Drummond

Vice Chair I’m an ex rugby player and motorcycle racer and discovered skiing fairly late but am now a big enthusiast. I often represent Sharks in the various fun race leagues and am hoping to start my journey towards instructor shortly.

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Steve Burley

Treasurer and Unofficial Official Photographer

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Molly Gill

Molly Gill – Sharks Ski Club Co-ordinator I formed the Sharks Ski Club in 1989 at the request of SSV Management. The Club was initially for children age 4 – 18 years only I was employed by Sheffield Education Authority as a Teacher/Youth Worker therefore had contact with all South Yorkshire schools, colleges and youth service. I am a race official and was on ARC (Alpine Race Committee) and helped

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Norman Gill

Level 4 Coach, Level 2 Tutor Head Coach Skiing, the ski environment (be it in the mountains or in a fridge!) and ‘skiing people’ are all a constant source of adventure, excitement, exhilaration, fun and pleasure for me. I believe skiing enables an individual to find that ‘something else’ within themselves that equips them with a set of personal skills for life itself! My first experience on snow was in

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David Henery

level 2

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Tim Justice

UK Snowsports Level 2 Instructor BA (hons). Dip Arch. PGCE. Dip Arch Prac. 10m swimming and the one you get when you inflate your nylon pyjama bottoms. Cycling Proficiency. –          Achievements Won a few frostbite, Stoke, Pendle, Rossendale & Yorkshire Champ medals, and came joint 3rd in the O19’s female category at The Stomp. Highlight though has to be Miss Wengen 2006. –          When did you first ski? Summer 2004 – SSV.

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Julie Slater

Child Welfare Officer

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Richard Slater

Club Secretary 07970 531601

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Paul Smith

Level 2 and Race Team Manager and Committee Member

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Carl Carter

Child Welfare Officer

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