URGENT – Holiday Information

Dear Sharks Members,
I had just finished writing a draft of an email in which I was going to explain why we were not able to run a Sharks holiday next year.
This was due to lack of available accommodation at a suitable time.
However, I have just been informed that we have the opportunity to go back to Hotel Petit Prince in Champoluc, for the week beginning 11th February 2017.
This coincides with the Derbyshire half-term week, but not Sheffield.  Not sure about other local authorities and private schools, but I am sure that you can check your availability.
We do not have exact prices yet, as they will depend a little on how many people go, but indicative costs are approximately £1043 per adult sharing a double or twin room.  Children under 5 will get a £200 pound reduction.  This price does not include travel or instruction.
I would like serious expressions of interest as soon as possible, so that we can confim with Ski2 whether we would like to take up this offer or not.
If you would like to go on the trip, 
Please send an email to r.slater@me.com 
with your name, and number and ages of intended travelers.
I know the dates will not suit everyone, but it is the only real opportunity that we will have of running a holiday next year.
Looking Forward to 2018, we intend to go back to Hotel Falken in Wengen, at Easter.
Dates etc yet to be confirmed, but please keep this in mind when considering your future holiday plans.
Secretary, Sharks Ski Club